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Let your fingers do the talking: Braille on Folding Cartons

The movement towards universal inclusion of Braille on pharmaceutical packaging in Europe and North America is clearly under way.

Each country has its own braille code. There are some comm ...

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Folding Carton Finishing: Embossing and Foil Stamping

Finishing techniques such as foil stamping and embossing add elegance and value to any printed folding carton. Used individually or in combination, these techniques transform the ordinary into extraor ...

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Coated Paperboard: Enhancing the barrier properties

To ensure the safety, quality, and to protect consumers’ health, food packaging must be reliable and consumer friendly. For a paper-based food packaging product to be successful, it must be coated to ...

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Sticking With It! Expanded Content Labels (ECL)

Spatial efficiency is key in today’s packaging industry. However, if a product requires a lot of text on the label how can you balance the appealing design with legal requirements or consumer needs? T ...

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Folding Carton: Why Choosing the Right Substrate is Critical.

In today’s folding carton landscape, the choice of raw materials can be daunting. Substitutions are sometimes made with little or no regard to suitability; nonetheless, the differences in paperboard p ...

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