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Durabox Paper began operations in 2002 in Lachine, Quebec, a 5 minute drive from downtown Montreal. A family owned and operated business, Durabox employed hard work, perseverance and experience in the field dating back to 1969 to establish itself as a “one-stop corrugated pizza box shop”. Durabox initially focused its resources on perfecting its main product, the pizza box! Although offering a product of superior quality would be a key success factor for any manufacturing company, Durabox relied on a couple of more key ingredients for its winning formula: competitive pricing and unbeatable service.

During its first few years of operations, Durabox grew by servicing its core customers and built a solid foundation in Montreal and nearby cities. Led by a great management team, it was able to achieve tremendous growth by employing unique production efficiency methods carried out by its dedicated workforce, which today consists of almost 50 highly skilled employees.

Today, Durabox proudly serves customers in Quebec, Ontario, Eastern Canada and the United States. Throughout its growth, it has maintained and will continue to maintain its superior customer service and business philosophy with which it proudly built its name in Montreal, Quebec.
Durabox is the leading dedicated corrugated food packaging company in Canada. It was founded to meet the market demand for specialty corrugated products including pizza boxes, meat boxes and other corrugated die cut products. Durabox is a paper corrugation and box manufacturing company intent on servicing niche markets. Its philosophy is one of Customer Satisfaction, Continuous Improvement, and Competitive Cost.

Our 50,000 square foot factory is strategically located in Lachine, Quebec and allows us to maintain a substantial presence within the packaging market . Durabox is equipped with a three-ply state-of-the-art corrugating machine capable of producing its full production volume of corrugated sheets internally. Corrugated sheets are die-cut into boxes using rotary die-cutting equipment with flexographic print stations. Die-cut boxes are up-stacked and optically counted as they arrive in a bundle catch assemblies that are set for automatic release at a pre-determined bundle quantities.

Box bundles are then shrink-wrap packaged using a state-of-the-art packaging unit. The result is a quality package that could also be customized to meet any customer requirement. Durabox has an industry-leading printed package that many consider to be the best and most user friendly in the industry. All packages are tightly sealed to ensure that no dust or moisture comes into contact with the boxes.

Computerized production planning and scheduling combined with just in time deliveries allow for unrivalled service to our clients. At Durabox service is of paramount importance. Orders are processed and shipped within 48 hours. Quality checks are performed at all 3 stages of order preparation in order to achieve TOTAL CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.

Durabox enhances its service to its customers by means of logistical packaging concepts, high-quality printing and new product developments. This provision of a total service to the customer can be bundled in the Durabox. Solutions Concept, which further strengthens Durabox’s position in the market.

Durabox is customer-driven and fully committed to delivering a quality product at a competitive price. Durabox is your partner for the future. We pride ourselves on delivering extra value for the money in a commodity market. By focusing on providing superior quality, service and support we prefer to develop long-term relationships with our customers.

For more information please visit www.DuraBox.ca

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