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Halm Jet Press Operator

The Halm Jet Press Operator/Printer is responsible for setting-up, operating, and maintaining a Halm jet press.

Duties include, but not limited to:

• Review dockets to determine job specifications
• Set-up and make adjustments to printing machines
• Complete quality check list and follow quality program
• Mount plates and make necessary adjustments
• Fill ink fountains and control colour and viscosity
• Operate and monitor quality during print run and make adjustments
• Pack & label boxes and arrange finished product cartons on skids
• Remove and clean plates and cylinders at end of press run
• Complete required paperwork
• Maintain a clean and safe working area (including general housekeeping)
• Other duties as assigned


• Previous Halm jet printing experience preferred, but candidates with small press lithographic or flexographic experience and willingness to train will also be considered
• Good communication skills, both verbal and written
• Ability to differentiate all colors
• Punctual and reliable attendance
• Team player who is flexible with assigned duties and work overtime, as necessary
• Strong customer focus
• Enthusiastic, positive attitude and an overall spirit of cooperation

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