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Machine Adjuster

The Machine Adjuster holds one of the most critical jobs in an envelope plant. The Adjuster has three general areas of responsibility: team member responsibilities, machine operation responsibilities and maintenance and repair responsibilities. Below is a breakdown of the responsibilities listed above.

Team Member Responsibilities:
  • Cooperation and Consideration. As a team member the Adjuster works very closely with an Inspector/Operator to keep the machine running at high speeds and producing good quality envelopes.
  • Communications. Misunderstandings are frequently the result of poor communication. It is the Adjuster’s responsibility to insure that everyone understands what is being said.
  • Safety. Safety requires a team effort, and the Adjuster and Inspector/Operator must work together to maintain a safe working area and machine.
  • Quality Control. The Adjuster and the Inspector/Operator are jointly responsible for the quality of envelopes that are produced. Both of them inspect sample envelopes and keep the machine producing envelopes with high quality printing, gumming and folding.
  • Consistency with Job Order. The paper must be correct, the ink must be the correct color, and the printing must be placed in the position specified on the job order and sample.
Machine Operation Responsibilities:
  • Size Change. Setting up a machine for each job is one of the primary parts of the Adjuster’s job. The Adjuster changes parts and makes the adjustments needed to change the machine from one size or style of envelope to another.
  • Fine Adjustments. The adjuster must make small changes in the machine settings to correct irregularities that may detract from the envelope’s quality.
  • Envelope Inspection. In order to make adjustments, the Adjuster much first be able to recognize an inferior envelope and identify the cause of the problem.
  • Maintaining Machine Speed. The operating speed of the machine is a good indicator of the skill level of the Adjuster and Inspector/Operator. Keeping the machine in condition to run at high speeds and produce high quality envelopes is a key component of the job.
  • Minimizing Downtime. The Adjuster must keep the machine downtime to a minimum. Before a job is completed, review the next job and gather everything you will need to make the change.
  • Minimizing Waste. Paper is one of the most expensive parts of envelope manufacturing, and the adjuster is responsible for waste control on their machine. It is necessary to discard all imperfect envelopes, but still need to minimize waste. Waste is to be segregated for recycling purposes.
  • Record keeping. Important part of the job. Records make it possible for the company to make decisions that will keep the machines running profitably. Math skills and ruler skills necessary for job.
  • Factory Settings. Maintaining factory settings on the machine is a key to making effective size changes.

Maintenance & Repair Responsibilities:
  • Lubrication. Regular lubrication is a primary maintenance requirement. Follow lubrication schedule and use recommended lubricants.
  • Cleaning. Keeping the machine clean is an important maintenance requirement. Ink, gum or paper dust can interfere with the machine’s operation and make the Adjuster’s job more difficult. A rag and a bucket of warm water are two of the most valuable tools.
  • Machine Inspection. Inspect the machine thoroughly to insure that all bolts and screws are tight and that all parts of the machine are in good working order.
  • Preventive Maintenance. A few minutes of preventive maintenance each day can eliminate hours of downtime that may be needed to make repairs that should not be necessary.
  • Detecting Damaged Parts. It is the Adjuster’s responsibility to detect worn or broken parts before they can interfere with the machine’s operation. The Adjuster must replace or repair these parts
Physical Aspects of Job:
  • Frequent standing, bending, twisting, reaching turning, reaching stooping and walking at machine.
  • Getting paper, tools, dies, etc. from various locations.
  • Carry parts to washout location for cleaning
  • Putting shafts back in machine.
  • Occasional climbing on machine steps, platforms or railings to work on machines,
  • Crawling under machines to work on maintenance.
  • Pushing rolls of paper on to machine from lift-30 pounds of pushing pressure
  • Pulling jams out of machines.
  • Lifting poly rolls on to machines (approximately 45 pounds)
  • Use of hand tools and power tools to work on equipment.
  • Some lifting of full cartons to stack on skids (maximum of 40 pounds).
  • Hearing protection required
  • Cleaning around the machine; empty waste bins, put parts away, etc.
  • Run ancillary pieces of equipment.
  • Fill in for Inspector/Operator
  • Training other Adjusters.
  • Anything else designated by supervisor or a member of management team
  • Availability to work overtime as needed. 
If offered employment at SupremeX, you will be required to undergo a pre-employment drug screen in accordance with the federal Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988, which is part of Public Law 100-690, Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1988.

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