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Press feeder

Vista/SupremeX is seeking a second pressman/assistant (Feeder) for first shift in our pressroom. You will be responsible for the feeder set-up, loading paperboard, start-up, and consistent performance, and maintenance.

Job Responsibilities
Operate feeders for various sheet-fed offset presses.
Read and understand job ticket instructions to ensure correct material and quantity is staged.
Set-up feeder and verify correct setup and smooth operation prior to production printing.
Observe and monitor feeder, adjusting as necessary to ensure continued smooth operation with minimal shutoffs.
Follows all standard operating procedures relevant to the job, position department.
Performs routine adjustments during the press run and maintain quality throughout the run.
Performs all assigned work effectively and on schedule.
Monitor fountain solution conductivity for correct pH.
Ensure correct levels of ink are in ink train to avoid drying.
Record number of pallets and sheets used for job production & retain all load tags in order used.
Maintain clean press appearance through regular daily/weekly/monthly maintenance.
Keeps work area organized, clean, and uncluttered.
Must possess mechanical aptitude, makes minor repairs/adjustments and be able to remove damaged product, using hand tools.
Performs daily/monthly press maintenance and troubleshooting.
Performs other job duties as assigned.

Successful Candidates Will
• Possess 2-4 years of printing experience.
• Have the ability to read and understand procedure documents outlining safety rules, operating and maintenance instructions and procedure manuals.
• Demonstrate basic computer skills.
• Have basic math skills, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, decimals, and fractions.
• Demonstrate mechanical aptitude through similar prior work experience.
• The ability to self-manage time effectively.
• Maintain a good attendance record.

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