SupremeX Folding Carton Achieves EcoVadis Silver Level Recognition

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SupremeX Folding Carton Achieves EcoVadis Silver Level Recognition

We are proud to announce that EcoVadis has awarded SupremeX - Folding Carton with a Silver CSR medal in recognition of our policies and actions towards the environment, social & human rights, ethics, and responsible supply! We are honored to receive an award that demonstrates a commitment to social and environmental sustainability to our customers. We are very excited about this accomplishment and all that it represents.

The EcoVadis CSR recognition levels are based upon the percentile ranking of your company's EcoVadis score, and a minimum theme score:

• Gold - top 5% (overall score between 62 and 100)
• Silver - top 30% (overall score between 46 and 61)
• Bronze - top 65% (overall score between 37 and 45)

“EcoVadis is recognized as a trusted provider of business sustainability ratings, intelligence and collaborative performance improvement tools for global supply chains”. EcoVadis provides Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) ratings that evaluate an organization based on their Environmental, Labor & Human Rights, Ethics, and Sustainability Procurement impacts. The EcoVadis ratings provide summaries for organizations to view their impact in all four of these categories.

The EcoVadis CSR ratings are then combined into scorecards and medals to show a company’s level of Corporate Social Responsibility. These scores then provide significant feedback for areas that are doing well and others that may need improvement. This information is important for a company to make future decisions and plans to improve its CSR score.

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