The dilemma: Virgin Board vs Recycled Board

The dilemma: Virgin Board vs Recycled Board

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The dilemma: Virgin Board vs Recycled Board

A business practice that is economically viable, socially responsible and environmentally friendly is usually regarded as being sustainable.
Concerns about sustainability and environmental friendliness continue to impact all areas of the packaging industry. Consumers are increasingly interested in their personal impact on the environment and are demanding more from manufacturers.

Major companies are beginning to take note and a few have stepped forward to lead the “sustainable packaging revolution”. They are looking for ways to reduce, down-gauge and create more lightweight packaging. Companies will benefit from these efforts, thanks to material savings and increased demand from green consumers.

With the recent Coated Recycled Board price increases (3 increases this year @ $50/ton each) being passed on by the mills, many of our customers are questioning the use of recycled board versus virgin board when designing their packaging.

Thermo Mechanical Pulp (TMP or FBB) prices are almost comparable and the finish is better than a CRB board. TMP offers purchasing flexibility (more local and overseas players) compared to CRB and the fully coated, smooth surface of a TMP board allows for impressive printing and better visual impact.

From an environmental standpoint, TMP is 100% virgin board made from Eucalyptus fiber. Eucalyptus trees grow in 8-12 years compared to 15-20 years for softwood and 80-100 years for hardwood. Also, Eucalyptus trees needs 10% - 50% of the land to produce the same amount of paperboard over time.

The main advantage of TMP versus CRB is the weight. TMP is 25-27% lighter than CRB and provides a 25-27% CO2 reduction.

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